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Al The Great

By Carmen
332 B.C.
Alexander gazed across the water, greeting Apollo as the great Chariot began its daily journey over the sky.  A smile played along the corners of his mouth as he turned his gaze to Tyre.  Though its inhabitants thought themselves protected by the half-mile stretch of ocean between the island and mainland, they knew not of the pact between Alexander the Great and Poseidon himself!  Nor the pledge from Ares to the mighty conqueror!  This city would not hold out long against a man smiled upon by the gods themselves! 




358 B.C.
“It’s settled, then,” Zeus boomed.  “Greece is too vulnerable.  We need a hero, someone to unite Greece against outside threats.” 


“Nobody’s settled anything!” Ares shouted.  “You lectured at us.  We’ve decided nothing!”

Poseidon frowned thoughtfully at his nephew.

“He’s right,” he told his younger brother.  “You called us all together and listed off your thoughts. That doesn’t mean we agree.”

“You need to think more outside the box,” Athena suggested.  “There’s a better way to protect Greece than by merely uniting the city-states.”

“And that would be….?” Zeus growled.

Athena smiled.  “You want a conqueror.”

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