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Chapter 11 — An Incredible Solution

By Rita
Most of those who had arrived on the elephant stared in shock and amazement. Then the questions began.

“What just happened?”

“Is the man on the ground dead or hurt?”

“Where’s Dr. Silvers?”

“What’s going on?”

“That wasn’t my grandfather!” Sharon’s voice broke through the noisy chatter. “That was a hologram of my grandfather.”

“Sharon’s correct,” responded Sharon’s mother. “Dr. Silvers was never with us on the elephant, was he?”

“That’s right,” the elephant trainer replied thoughtfully, “I never saw him until everyone got off Jumbo.”

“But I buried my necklace,” stated Sharon.

“And I wore an earlier proto-type,” responded her mother removing a necklace from under her shirt, its green stones sparkling in the sunlight. “It will project a hologram and trigger an electrical shock, but it was a one-use necklace. The electricity sent through the necklace burned it out. We can’t use it to locate other stones.”

“So,” Sharon questioned, “I’ll need to go back and get the one I buried?”


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