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Chapter 11 — An Incredible Solution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4

continued her mother. “We planned to leave while you were getting dressed. Unfortunately, no one was assigned to wake you, and everyone thought someone else was going to do it. It was not until we reached your grandparents that we realized no one had. Then we just hoped you had set your alarm.”

“But I hadn’t, I forgot to pack my alarm,” Sharon broke in. “I must have been really tired to sleep so late.”

“I’m sorry you missed the parade,” said her mother.

We’re sorry also,” remarked her grandmother.

But you did help us test the necklace and all its features,” said her grandfather.



Sharon laughed. Her grandparents’ holograms were standing on top of Jumbo’s head.

“ Well,” she said, still chuckling, “if we hurry and pick up Mr. Wilson and those watching him, I can still have most of the afternoon and evening to spend with my friends at the circus.”


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