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Chapter 12 — Epilogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2

Sharon pulled a chair out from under the table and sat down. “I’ve been wondering why the necklace had to be tested by someone who did not know what was going on?”

Her grandfather seated himself across the table from Sharon and then answered her question. “The company that hired us to create the stones wanted them to be used by people who did not have to know anything about the stones. They didn’t want the people with the stones to have to worry about settings and adjustments or anything connected to how the stone did what it did. We needed to see if these stones did that.”

He paused for a bit before continuing. “Also, since you did not know how things worked, you might try things my team or I wouldn’t have thought of trying.”

Sharon thought a minute and then asked, “Could you see me all the time, even when I was not wearing or holding it and when the necklace broke apart?”

“Yes, once you could see the blue stone, it could send pictures of you and we could see you,” replied her grandfather. “When the necklace broke apart into separate stones, each of them showed an image of you. When they were joined together, we saw just one combined picture.”

“Are all the stones alike in what they can do?” questioned Sharon. “I noticed that the one Mom wore was green. Did that mean it could do something different?”

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