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Chapter 5 – Hurry, Hurry

By Rita
Sharon started down the path again. She felt the pull of the blue, heart-shaped stone and moved in that direction.

“What’s that monkey found now?” wondered Sharon when she heard excited chattering coming from around the bend in the path.

“Oh,” she said when she saw the monkey. It was taking a drink in the brook that crossed the path.

“No,” she shrieked as the dripping monkey ran toward her. She caught the monkey in her hands before the monkey could wrap its arms around her neck.

“If I’m going to stay dry,” she said to the monkey, “I’m going to have to tie you to a tree so you can dry out.”

“This is a good place to stop for lunch,” she thought as she tied the monkey to a tree away from the brook.

Sharon opened her backpack and took out some of the food. While she ate she broke off pieces and gave them to the monkey.

She had almost finished eating when she saw that her necklace was flashing red and then blue.

“What’s going on?” she wondered. Then she heard her mother’s voice.


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