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Chapter 6 – A Pleasant Surprise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2

“Oh,” she said, “you help with the elephant rides at the circus that comes to town every summer.”

“That’s right,” the man replied. “You remember Jumbo, don’t you?”

Sharon nodded her head. She had ridden Jumbo, every summer when the circus was in town, as often and as long as she could. She walked up to the big elephant and rubbed his trunk.

“When your grandmother realized you had the monkey we were missing,” the man continued, “she told me where Jojo was and asked me to help you make up some time by letting you ride Jumbo. She thought Jumbo would travel faster than you could walk.”

As Sharon climbed up on the elephant, her necklace began to flash again. She heard her grandmother’s voice in her head, “Jumbo won’t bring you all the way to where we are, since you have a few more tasks to complete, but he will help you arrive sooner than if you walked the entire distance. Besides, I remember how much you liked to ride the elephant. Enjoy your ride.”






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