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Chapter 7 – Uh-Oh

By Rita
“Good-bye,” yelled Sharon as Jumbo and his trainer headed off down the path. It had been fun to ride the elephant again, and he certainly moved faster than she would have moved.

“Don’t take too long,” the circus performer called back.

Sharon looked around the small clearing where her grandmother had told the circus performer to take her.

Well,” she thought to herself, “where do I go now?

Even before the thought was finished, her necklace began to point to one of the six paths that left the clearing – the closest one on her right. Sharon quickly followed the blue stone’s directions.

This time when she was directed to leave the path and walk a short way into the woods, she faced a berry bush. Through the leaves and berries she saw a flash of blue heading toward her. Her necklace rose slightly as another blue stone flew toward it. There was a small click as the new blue teardrop joined the other two.

That’s interesting,” she thought, “the necklace has changed shape again. First it was a teardrop, then a heart, now it looks like the tulips I used to draw in elementary school art class.

Sharon followed the necklace back to the path again.


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