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Chapter Two: Working With The Stone . . . . . . . . . Page 3

You decide to take a closer look at the building, to see if there is a way to reach in.  You walk forward, and as you do so, you realize that the building is growing.  At least, that is what you think until you see that the rosebushes appear to be growing.

The building is not getting bigger; you are getting smaller! By the time you arrive at the stairway to enter the palace, you are small enough to fit inside.


You glance at the map; there is a bright green, glowing dot at the location on the map that correlates with your location.  You see a key in the lower right corner of the map, telling you that the green dot is yourself, and that any dark red dots represent groups of townspeople.  You haven’t noticed the massive maroon blob in the section of the map depicting the lowest level until now.
It’s time for you to follow and use the map, work with this strange stone, until you rescue them.



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