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Chapter 9 — Facing the Enemy

By Rita
What happened? We couldn’t see you for a few minutes.” Her grandmother’s voice sounded in her head.

She looked up the path and there stood her grandmother. Or rather, Sharon reminded herself, a hologram of her grandmother.

She quickly explained what had happened.

Well,” said her grandmother’s voice, “I’m delighted you were able to solve that problem. We have a bigger problem heading your way.

“Oh, dear,” said Sharon, “What could be bigger than the necklace breaking?”

Someone trying to steal it,” replied her grandmother. “Your grandfather has been working on the necklace for several years. We

just noticed his main rival entering the path you are on. We think he heard our conversations and plans to find you and take the necklace.

“In that case,” said Sharon, “I need to hide the necklace.”

She just heard, “Okay. After that, stay on the path. We’ll send help,” from her grandmother before the hologram faded.

Looking around the woods near the path, Sharon spotted a tree with a uniquely-shaped hole on the trunk.

Leaving the path, she dug a hole at the base of the tree, placed the necklace in the hole, and covered it up with dirt. Then she found a fairly heavy rock several yards away from the tree.

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