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Chapter 9 — Facing the Enemy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2

Once she placed the rock on top of the buried necklace, she returned to where the rock had been and dug around a bit.

If grandpa’s rival thinks I’ve buried the necklace here,” she thought as she stamped on the dirt, “maybe he won’t find where I have buried it.

Now,” she mused once again walking down the path, “if I can just have enough time to plant a few false paths . . .

She had time to leave the path two more times before she saw a figure approaching her.
“Hello there,” said the stranger. “You must be Sharon. I’m an old friend of your grandparents.”

Sharon looked at him. The tall slender man seemed closer in age to her father than her grandfather.

“They mentioned you would be coming along this path,” he continued. “I thought I’d join you and give you some company.”

Sharon said nothing and just kept walking.

Once she passed him, he turned around and walked beside her.

“My name’s Tom Wilson.”

He can’t seem to stop talking,” thought Sharon as she lengthened her stride.


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