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Chapter 1: The Stone

By Carmen
You wake up early in the morning.  The house is quiet, no one else seems to be up.  As you go from room to room everyone is gone.  Outside the entire town appears to be deserted.  In the kitchen on the table there is a note that says,  “We need your help; follow the blue stone.”  Next to the note is a blue stone.

The blue stone is flat on the bottom, but rounded on the top.  You examine the blue stone closely and find that there are words faintly etched into the surface, but you have trouble making them out.  Suddenly, you realize that the words form a pattern.  The letters form a shape; the shape of a house.  There are no words, just

shapes.  The house closely resembles the haunted house on the edge of town.You grab the stone and run out to the garage.  It creaks eerily as you open it, and the light from outside falls upon your bike.  You grab it, wheel it outside, and find that a basket has been attached to it.  As you place the stone inside the basket, you find a new note: “Please help us; you are our last hope.”  You wonder if you will figure out the mystery in time to rescue everyone; there couldn’t be enough room in the haunted house for everyone.

Enjoy reading!