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Chapter 11 – An Incredible Solution

By Carmen
The queen leads everyone back down to the dungeons and stands outside the door to the room containing your townspeople. She looks directly at you.

“I understand that we haven’t discussed this, but I believe you can understand. I do not believe that it would be beneficial to your people to remember us and our home. They would be unable to come back; traveling between our worlds is made possible by an object or being that belongs on one world being on the other; it is able to re-enter its own world, but cannot return to the other unless in contact with an object or person from that other world. Your people had to have the stone to come here; they will be able to return without trouble, but cannot return without it or something else from

our world; we believe this stone to be the last link between our worlds. I am explaining this because, as your people won’t be able to return, they may be better off if they cannot remember this world.”

You nod. The queen’s words make sense.

“As simply keeping them here is out of the question, I would like to know your opinion regarding a solution to this problem. This morning, when the humans first appeared, I asked some of the more magically inclined elves and fairies to devise a solution for this trouble.”

Again, you nod. You are beginning to make sense of what the fairy queen is asking, suggesting, or demanding, and her reasons make sense.

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