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Chapter 5 – Hurry, Hurry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

“I wasn’t finished,” Meditrina said cooly. “I need you to infiltrate a Ravanoch base of operations, and then tell me what they’re going to do.”

“Sorry lady.” I began. “I’ve done enough with the Ravanoch in my travels.  Besides…they don’t like Talents anymore since a water elemental named Raiden took over after their old leader Sion died mysteriously on a mission.”

“You forget two things.  I am a Mage, and you cannot die until you fulfill all five favors.”

“But there are things so much worse then death.”

“Don’t worry, I can make you look like an elemental.  And even temporarily give you elemental powers.  Which one would you like?”

I pondered for a few seconds.  “Earth, because it’d be easier to use on the mission.”

“Wise decision.  You will also have your talent power as well, so don’t worry about that.  Here we go:

Power of the Mages, hear me speak,

Give this boy earth powers at it’s peak,

Until his mission’s done at last,

Then, keep only the powers of his past!”

I then felt physical changes that I thought should have hurt.  Also, at the same time, I felt a mental connection, that suddenly remembered how to control things.

“Don’t mind the physical and mental changes.” Meditrina started. “To be able to control such a sturdy and firm element, you have to be bigger and stronger in both body and mind, to explain your increase in physical strength and how your mind is more open.”

“Heh, I don’t mind this if it were permanent.”

“But it isn’t, so go to your mission!  And hurry, my information tells me they’ll only be there for only a little while longer.  Basically a week at most.”

“That’ll be plenty of time!”

Then as suddenly as I had appeared, I was in front of what I could only guess as the electric mountain.

“Well, that went well.” Fortune commented.




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