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Chapter 7 – Uh-Oh

By Evan

I finally completed my first favor.  All I needed to do now was leave and tell Meditrina what I found out.  But first, I needed to get the Luminarium.  Unfortunately, I had to be on a tight schedule according to Raiden.  Right now, I was sword training with one of their spare swords, then going to practice with a weapon that I never saw before called a “blaster”.  They said that they got them from humans who came here from earth.  Whatever, that didn’t concern me at this point.

My plan was that I was going to go to the top of the mountain during my free time after blaster practice.  Then, later today, I was going to sneak out with the help of my earth powers, which helped quite a bit down here.  All I needed to do is…

“MYSTERY!!!” called one of the captains.

“Yes sir?”

“Raiden needs to see you now.”

“Okay…”  I walked down to his office.

“Hello Raiden.” I said hoping my cover wasn’t blown.

“Good morning Mystery.  I have here a guest I’d like you to meet.”

Suddenly, a figure rose from the shadows of the room.  In his hand, he had a sword which was like a twisted.

“This is Curve.  A wind elemental.  And he will be known as well, as your executioner Mystery, or should I say, Jason!”

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