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Chapter 8 – An Unexpected Ally

By Evan

“So, where is the Atra?” I asked Fortune.

“It’s in the Ice Desert.  Which is at the border of Zeliga and Aquia.”

I sighed. “You know, you could have told me that it was there, that way we could have gotten one immediately.”

“I didn’t though because I see the future and I could see you going for the orb of souls first, then the Luminarium, and now, the Atra.”

“I’m beginning to get annoying with the flow of time.”

During that next stormy night, I was trying to think of the quickest way to get to the Ice Desert.  I just finished thinking the best way, when a bolt of lightning came 6 feet away from where I was sleeping.

“Hello,” said a familiar voice.


“Right here!” he said proudly.  “Three things led me here.  A guilty conscience, Maximilian told me to, and it was boring with the Ravanoch anyway.”

“How did you get here?”

“My electric powers.”

“Oh yeah, you’re a Talent.”

“Er…actually a Human.”

“What!?!  But if you’re a human, how do you have powers?”

“A tale for another day.”

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