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Chapter 8 – An Unexpected Ally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3

A blast of light shot out of the tip of the sword and covered the aura, making it disappear.  I took the Atra, and left…or at least tried to.  What I found was that the exit was blocked off by a black and white energy.

I tried going through it, but only got a sharp pain in my mind.  But somehow, that spark in my mind gave me a idea.  I got out the Luminarium and Atra and said this aloud:

“Swords of light and dark combined,

Use your powers in one mind,

Use it to free me from this cave,

Free me from that power, and behave!”

Blasts of black and white shot from the swords, united with the purpose to free me, the energy blocking me off had no chance against both swords!

“Now,” I started to Zeus after I got back, “can you take us to the dark tower in Zeliga?”

“Yes…but not now.  The storm is gone, and I don’t have enough energy to create one.  Unless you have a water elemental with you, which I doubt.”

“Okay then.” I said. “I suppose we can go the journey on foot.”

A few days later, we were there.  Right at the gates of some madman with only two great orbs, two swords, a electrified human, and me.

Fun right?



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