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Chapter Eight: An Unexpected Ally

By Carmen
A fairy steps out of the library door; you watch carefully but can detect no hint of a shadow.  Immediately she sees you and your companions and turns back to the room.

“I can handle this by myself, Albert, but it might take a while. Would you please turn that alarm off now?”  Apparently he is willing to turn it off; the noise stops almost immediately.

You watch the fairy closely; you don’t want to be tricked again, and she looks a lot like Alice.

“Who are you?” you ask her.

“I’ve already told you; I am Anne, princess of fairies.  I hoped you would trust me.  Why did you follow me, and why did you release those animals?”

You are very confused.  The only “Anne” you’ve already met was really an elf called Alice.  “What are you talking about?” you ask, “I haven’t seen you before!”

“Oh, dear.  Do you suffer from memory loss?  I’ve heard that some humans experience it, but you don’t look forgetful to me.”

“You must be confusing me with someone else; I spoke to an elf who claimed to be you, but she had a shadow, and her real name is Alice,” you explain.

Anne laughs.  “That was me.  I told you that I visited your world this morning. I thought it would be less disconcerting to anyone from your world who might see me if I blended in as

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