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Chapter Eight: An Unexpected Ally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

well as I could; it’s very simple to create a temporary shadow.  I’m sorry it confused you; it was still just wearing away when we met; it was a shadow, but fading quickly.  My brother Albert came looking for me, and I had to help him with a problem he’s trying to figure out.”You’re still a little skeptical, but nearly convinced.  “He called for Alice, not for Anne.””Yes; he often calls me Alice.  Your people, I believe, call such names ‘nicknames,’ I believe.  It amuses him, trying to make our names closer.  Both our names begin with ‘A,’ and he’s found that ‘Alice’ shares the second letter of his name as well.  I ask you again, why did you release the griffin and the leowing?”

You trust Anne more, now that you know and understand her tale.



“I followed the map, or stone, to the dungeon.  When I looked at it again, it said to release them.  I spoke with them and believe they are trustworthy.”Anne looks surprised.”You spoke with them?  I knew them to be no ordinary beasts when I first saw them, but I didn’t know precisely how extraordinary they are.  Why do they not speak to me, or my people?”

“They claim to be imprisoned due to misunderstanding.  They say none of your people can hear them.”

“That’s strange.”

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