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Chapter Eleven – An Incredible Solution

By Evan
“Okay, so what are we looking for now?” Zeus asked.

“I don’t know. Fortune, any ideas?” Fortune had come out a few minutes ago to help.

“I see that you should go… to the left here!”

“Thanks!” We walked through the door on out left to find ourselves in a new room. There was, in the room, a single step from where we were to go lower. There were also two green cylinders that went from the floor to the ceiling a couple feet ahead, to the left and right of us that looked like it held a creature each. There was also one thicker cylinder at the end of the room with what looked like floating forms of people that were circling around the cylinder.

“What is this place?” I thought out-loud.

“What are those?!?” Zeus asked at the same time.

“The correct question,” said a soothing voice, “is why are you here?”

“DAEVA!” Zeus exclaimed out-loud lurching out to grab her, but to no avail because she dodged.

“That’s no way to treat a lady, Zeus,” she remarked.

“Since when do you qualify as a lady?” he gave back. “Zeo, give me one of your swords please.”

“No, anyway, what do you want Daeva?”

“I want to know why you’re here.”


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