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Chapter Five: Hurry, Hurry

By Carmen
This explains how Anne knew of your mission, but you are still
confused.  How did the townspeople come across a stone that belongs in the fairy and elven world?  How did the fairy manage to return to her world without the stone?  What was the nature of the conflict between the fair folk and the humans?  Since you were not involved, why would you be in danger?  You wonder about the answers to these and other questions.As you ponder these questions, you notice something seemingly inconsequential, but very significant, if the stories were to be
believed.  On the other hand, if the stories couldn’t be believed, then you were with someone you know nothing about, anyway.
The fairy princess Anne can manipulate her own age and the age of those around her, it is true. Yet, she is not the only one to have that ability; some well-trained elves could used their magic with the same result. The one true difference between fairies and elves is that while elves have shadows, fairies do not. The being with whom you are conversing is standing illuminated slightly by a candle; behind her is cast a faint shadow. It is very faint, but it is still there; this being is no fairy, nor fairy princess, but an elf!You stand still and try to act as though you haven’t realized the elf’s deception; if she knows that you know, you may be in danger.



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