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Chapter Four: The Second Stone

By Carmen
Anne studies you for a minute.”I don’t suppose,” she begins speaking, slowly, thoughtfully, “that you are aware that the stone in your hands is one of a pair.  ‘Twin stones’ we call them; they have been separated, causing a link between our worlds.  That is how you came to travel here.  It would be interesting to know how it came to your world initially.”

“In my world,” you respond, “people called the property where the worlds overlap ‘haunted.’  Is that a result of this link?”

“Yes.  Only if they carried the stone, as you do, would they have been able to come completely into this world.”

“How did people from my world come to be here if I have the stone?” you wonder aloud.The fairy princess looks at you, taking a moment to think; she begins to speak, still in that slow, thoughtful way she has.

“As I’ve said, I don’t know precisely how your people came across the stone; however, I do know that early this morning, someone carrying it came too close to the palace, as you did yourself, and that person saw my home.

“He ran back to town and knocked on doors and yelled through windows for everyone to come look at what he saw.  I suppose you were the last one left in town.


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