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Chapter Four – The Second Stone

By Evan
First part of business, get the other stone or “orb” as Fortune said (that’s what I’m calling the stone/orb now after our meeting).  She told me that the “great orb of souls” would be in the “Never Ending Room”.  Whatever that was.  According to Fortune it was in a building in Vira (land of the wind elementals).”Say,” I began, “why do people call it ‘Never Ending’ if it’s in a building?””Because in charge of the protection of the orb is the Mage Meditrina.”

“Mages?  You mean they’re real?  I thought that they were just stories.”

“And as usual,” Fortune said in her calm peaceful voice “you are getting proven wrong.”


We finally got to Vira, and in front of the building.”You know, it’s smaller then I expected.” I said.”And since when has size mattered?”

“Good point.”

We entered the building and I was surprised that inside, was the orb. The surprising thing was that it seemed like it was miles away, when in reality, the building was less then 10 yards across.

“Oh my!  That answers that question!”

“Which one?”

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