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Chapter Four – The Second Stone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2


“The one that goes like “Why do they call this the Never Ending”.  All that’s here is the room, the orb, the pedestal on the orb, and that voice that I keep on hearing.”

“The voice is probably the orb.”

“No, it’s not.  If it was, we’d also see a figure showing.  Or at least a glow of power from it.  You should know this!”

“Oh…well, it’s probably Meditrina then.  Try listening to it.”

That was what I was doing from the beginning.  This is what I heard:

“I don’t know…I would go if I could, but unfortunately Maximilian wouldn’t let me go if I asked…hahaha!!!  That’s a very


good impression of him…wait…no, I just thought I heard something…it’s probably some more intruders, I wasn’t expecting anyone today…talk to you later…love you too… bye…”

Suddenly, a woman who looked like she was full of power and authority appeared halfway between me and the orb.

“What are you doing here!”

“Well, ummm…you see, I heard some talking about some power here, and came to investigate.” I lied, unwillingly, but I didn’t want to reveal Fortune quite yet.

“I’m sure.  And by the way, you suck at lying, try a different tale.”

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