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Chapter Nine: Facing the Enemy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

By now, the wall has divided in half, part of it going up into the ceiling and part disappearing into the floor. Apparently, the stone walls, if they are really stone, are of a different kind than you are familiar with. Behind the wall is another, a wall of bars. It looks like a grid, with bars running horizontally and vertically. Behind the bars you can see your family and friends, neighbors and complete strangers. They are almost free.

Suddenly you hear footsteps approaching, more than those of just a few people. When you look at Anne, you notice that she looks a little older than she did before. The footsteps stop; the people have found you.

“Anne! Your antics have been pardoned before, but this is going too far! The queen will not be

pleased! What have you to say for yourself?”

Anne turns calmly to look at the approaching beings.

“Does the queen have cause to complain against my conduct? She may wish to know this before I do. I do not have to answer for myself to you; even if I should, what have I done for you to scold me as a child?” To emphasize her point, as she finishes speaking she reverses her aging to appear as a child before shooting back up into a young woman.

“We came to locate and recapture the eagle-lion, the griffin, and the lion-bird, the leowing. When we came to look farther for them, we find you, not only in their company (did you release them?), but in the company of one of the

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