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Chapter Nine – Facing the Enemy

By Evan
So there we were. Right at the gates of the dark tower of Zeliga. The tower itself looked awesome, and filled with power. I looked at the gate. It looked like it was filled with dark energy, so who knew what could happen if I touched it. I then looked at the wall it was connected to.

Unfortunately, the wall was too smooth to climb with just my hands. Luckily, I also had two swords of power. In the end, I decided that for security reasons, it would be easier and safer to climb the wall by using the swords as hand holds. Zeus got on using his lightning powers to cling on to the wall.

When we were on the top, we could see that there were only two guards up in front which Zeus took out by zapping them. We then got inside.




“Where to now?” Zeus asked.

“How about towards there,” I said pointing at a fancy big door.

We walked some more past it, until we finally reached a locked door, which was quickly solved with a spell from the swords. We walked through, to see a figure in dark clothes, with blades on his two arms.

“Why hello.” he said. “Isn’t this a change of plans. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I, am Umbra. Ubel’s personal assistant. Welcome to the tower of Zeliga!”



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