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Chapter Seven: Uh-Oh

By Carmen
Now that you have released the beasts as the map directs, you need to exit the room.  You and your strange new companions walk past the other creatures to the door.  The lioness and the griffin walk behind you, and you are surprised when you turn around at the door: they are much smaller now than when you released them.

It is the fairies’ magic, the griffin says.  A precaution to render us as harmless as possible should we succeed in escaping this room.

You think to yourself that this makes sense; you wouldn’t want such animals to walk about in your home in their natural state.  The lioness laughs.



I know we seem dangerous, but, as I have said, that is simply a misunderstanding.  The people of this world seem unable to hear us as you can.

Fortunately you left the door cracked open; there would be no way out if it closed, for there is no knob on this side of the door.  You pull it open and step up and out of the room.  The lion-like creatures follow.  Almost immediately, an alarm sounds.  You hear some beings in the library across the hall.

“I’ll go check and see which one escaped this time, Albert.  You stay here; I’ll be right back,” a female voice, not unlike Alice’s, says.


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