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Chapter Six: A Pleasant Surprise

By Carmen
You look at your map.  You find that you are near the top of the palace, nearly as far from the townspeople as possible in this building.  You need to escape to the dungeons, before the elf returns. Along the wall are brackets holding torches, and along the floor there are unlit candles on small candlesticks.  You pick one up and hold it diagonally against a torch to light it.  You hold it in one hand, the map in the other, as you work your way, carefully, down to the dungeons.  You need to be careful because you don’t want to be seen.

After descending through even more stairways than you had traveled up with Alice, you come to a hallway.  On either side of the hall there is a single heavy-looking wooden door.  The map labels the room on the right, “Library,” and the

room on the left, “Holding Room.”  Writing appears on the map inside the large rectangular box that represents the Holding Room: “Enter.  Caution.  Search out the winged lions.”

You search for a doorknob, but finally see a form of lock: in the area where there would normally be a doorknob, a small wooden cylinder poked through the wooden door.  Fitted around the circular part of this knob was a rectangular board with a hole bored through it.  This board, firmly attached to the peg, apparently swings freely; it is held in a horizontal position by a contraption that is set firmly into the wall.  This “lock” is somehow held as firmly in the stone walls around it as though it held been left in drying cement; it is composed of two interlocking pieces of wood

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