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Chapter Six – A Pleasant Surprise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

“Well, your being here sure is one.  I don’t believe we recently sent scouts for earth elementals.  So how did you hear from us?””By word of mouth, hearing stories here and there.  And finally, decided to come here.  I’m thinking about joining, and I came to see if the stories were right.”

“Congratulations!  You found us.  Now you either join or die.”

“Could I pick option C, think about it and come back to share my answer with you?”  It was unnerving speaking with such a crazy leader who seemed like he’d do anything to rule all and kill anyone or anything in his way.

He laughed for a bit then calmed down.

“You seem to not know our ways as much as you’d like to think we do.” I expected that answer.  “I will not risk our lives to have you go and run to whomever you might work for so that they can kill us all.  Hypothetically anyway.”  He stood up and half turned towards the stranger.”Zeus, lead Mystery to one of the empty rooms.  You can pick which one.  After he gets…situated, take him to the training area.  I’m assuming that he’ll join us eventually.”

“Yes Raiden.  Of course.”

Zeus led me to a room away from everything else.


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