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Chapter Ten: A Battle of Wits and Magic

By Carmen
When you enter the enormous room, you look past the fairies and elves and see a fairy seated beside a large hearth. She rises when you and those you are traveling with arrive.

“Arthur,” she says, sounding furious. “What is the meaning of this?”

The leading guard steps forward. “I’m very sorry to interrupt, Queen, but your daughter has disregarded your orders one time too many; I felt you would want to know something of the matter.”

“What was she doing this time?” the queen’s tone is different now. She sounds almost amused, as though this is a play she has acted out thousands of times, with a different response each time, and she can almost guess the answer this time.

Anne interrupts before the guard has the time to answer. “Mother, you can surely recall your command that all humans responsible for the riot this morning be locked away until our people have recovered from the attack.””Yes, and I see that you have released one of them. Might I ask how you succeeded in releasing one of them without the others escaping?” The queen sounds as though she is annoyed with Anne for Anne’s potential disobedience.

Anne doesn’t seem concerned. “I have not released any of them, and I do not feel that the humans are responsible. Therefore, I have not disobeyed your order, and I believe that the humans should be allowed to return home.”

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