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Chapter Ten: A Battle of Wits and Magic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

Arthur steps forward. “Anne claims to have down nothing wrong, yet we found her moments after the alarm sounded for the holding room, in the company of the griffin and the leowing. How do you account for that?” he asks Anne.”Quite simply. I was not the one to release the creatures, and the human is not to be blamed, not being aware that doing so is considered wrong.”

“Child,” the queen seems won over by Anne’s answers, “Anne, I cannot possibly release the humans to their world. You know as well as I do, they shall find a way to return. Our worlds are linked; they cannot be allowed to go free.”

“Yes, they can,” Anne suggests. “This one came

to our world carrying the blue twin stone, and has agreed to give it to me once safely home. See the map? Its form may be different, but that does not change its properties, and it can be changed back.”The queen seems stunned. Anne seems to have a knack for choosing precisely the right answers, almost like magic, to get the queen on you’re side. Finally the queen responds.

“Very well,” she says at last. “If you will bring Anne with you to your world and restore the stone when you and your people are safe, you and your people may go. Also, as the lion-creatures seem well-behaved, they may go free as well, though they may not be safe here. Many fear their fierce appearances.”

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