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Chapter Ten – A Battle of Wits and Magic

By Evan
“Get out of our way!” I stated. “Or else.””Or else what?” he challenged. “Your going to do something “terrible”?”

“Yes,” began Zeus. “First, we’re going to cut you to shreds, electrocute you do death, stab you some more, then we’ll just walk away like civilized Cryptonians.”

“Well, excuse me for not jumping up and down singing Kum-ba-yah til Kingdom Come. I’d rather just stop you right here. Un-like civilized Cryptonians if you please. I also wouldn’t mind riddling you til you just explode from thinking too hard. Which one do you pick?”

“How about the riddle one?” I replied. Little known to both Zeus and Umbra, I had once been dubbed “Riddle-Master” in my town.

“Excellent! Gives me opportunities to just drive people mad! Don’t you like doing that?””Never tried.”

“Shame. Anyhow, try this easy riddle…” he began while taking out a small pocket-sized box. “This box holds the key to life, The beginning of strife, and the maker of many a knife. What is it?”

I thought for a bit, seeing how I had never heard the riddle before.

“Is it water?” I finally asked after some thinking.

“Correct. On to the next one…” he did some shadow creations with his hands, and to the surprise of Jason, the shadows came up in 3-D.


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