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Chapter Ten – A Battle of Wits and Magic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

“One day, this hawk spotted this mouse.” At this point, there were a mouse 3-D shadow, and a hawk shadow, who’s head was looking at the shadow mouse.. “The hawk dives to get the mouse, catches it, and brings this poor mouse to the nest.” With those words, the shadow hawk dived and “grabbed” the shadow mouse, and then disappeared. “Why did this mouse not get eaten?”

Now this was a hard one for me. I couldn’t think of any explanation. I was about to give up when a simple answer came to me.

“Because the hawk and mouse are shadows.” I answered, hoping that I was right.

“Gee, you ARE good! Well, you can go now in whichever direction you want.”

“Thanks.” I said. Although I got a bad feeling from Fortune’s and my new weak mental link. “See, that wasn’t too bad.” I told Zeus. And to myself. There was something about Umbra that made me like him at one hand, but not trust him at all on the other.

When Zeus and I were just barley at the door, something happened. I suddenly saw a shadowy version of both me and Zeus, and immediately knew who did that. Unfortunatly, before I could get him, the shadows from the walls came up trapping me and Zeus with our shadow versions.

“Hi.” I started, thinking of a way to get out of this.

“Jason.” Zeus started.

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