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Chapter Three: A Strange Companion

By Carmen

You enter the mansion.  Only now do you notice the people inside.  Normally, you would tower over them by several feet; now, they stand enormous inches over you.  A few inches are not a lot when you are several feet tall, but now you yourself are only inches tall; now, they tower over you.

Everyone is dressed in green; for an instant you wonder if you have fallen into some alternate universe where Robin Hood’s band lives in a palace.  This stray thought almost makes you smile; it does not seem impossible, all things considered.

You pause; you do not want to be seen; secrecy seems very important at the moment.  You walk a step backwards, then step to the side.  It will

not stop anyone from finding you if he already saw you, but at least you’re not out in the open.

A little, or at least young, girl in a light green dress and hood comes out and sees you.

“Oh,” she says, “I thought I saw you.  Please come in.”

“No, thank you,” you say.  You don’t wish to be rude, but it does not feel safe to enter.

“Oh,” she says, “but I’ve never met anyone like you before.  You don’t look like most elves at all.”

You can’t think of a way to respond to this comment, but before long the girl loses the excited expression.

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