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Chapter Three: A Strange Companion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

“I know you are no elf or fairy.  I know also why you are here.  There is no time to explain; everyone is looking away.  Follow me now, quickly!”

She beckons to you, and you feel compelled to follow her into the palace, across the endless sparkling room, and up an equally endless spiral staircase.  When she turns back to you, you notice that her face is no longer that a of youthful child, but an older likeness.  She now appears to be a few years older than you are.

“Who are you?” you ask; it seems that she already knows who you are.

“I am the fairy princess; you may have heard stories of me.  I often am called Anne.”

You recognize the name; you grew up hearing tales of the mysterious age-manipulating princess, who heeds no advice but her own, whose loyalty changes with her moods.  You never thought her to be real, but (logically) nothing that happened since you awoke this morning should be real.

Loyal to your mission or not, she knows the way about the palace better than you do, and she seems helpful.  Whatever her loyalties are, the stories say, she is never dishonest about them….  She is safe to trust… for the moment, anyway.


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