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Chapter Twelve: Epilogue

By Carmen

The fairies and elves spread the magical solution along the path outside the palace where everyone from your town, once released, walks over it on their way back to the town. The queen and Anne assure you
that this is the way the magic is meant to work.

The griffin and the leowing follow you about as you conduct the other humans to path.

“We have decided,” the leowing tells you soon before your turn to go home, “we wish to travel to your world with you.”

Anne is standing nearby when you answer, “I don’t know if the queen will allow that.”

“If she will allow what?”

You tell her about the leowing and griffin’s decision.

“Oh,” said Anne, “she definitely would not allow that. It will cause a link between our worlds again.”

“Would not? Don’t you mean ‘will not?'”

“Of course not!” Anne smiles mischievously. “She can’t not allow it if she knows nothing of it!”

With that, she warns you to keep a hand on each animal at the path’s end; otherwise, you would be in town without them, with no way to return for them.

“Thank you for all your help,” you tell Anne.


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