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Chapter Twelve – Epilogue

By Evan
Okay, I don’t have that much time. I keep on getting friends who come over who forget what happened and want to remember. Probably a mistake that I mentioned what happened to them.

Apparently, the note and Fortune came from Fortune herself. She had seen what would happen in the future 5 years ago, and so knowing how she had to be a part of it, came into my family’s possession just for that day. When the time came close, she had the note made up, and then that first day, set up everything that I needed to see and let things happen. Also, according to her, I escaped the fate the rest of my townspeople faced only because she was sub-consciously helping me use my powers in a way I’d never guessed I could.

Zeus after our adventure just left, saying that he “had things to do, people to see”.

Well, that’s all that I have time for. Someone is calling me.




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