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Chapter 3 – A Strange Companion

By Rita
Following the gentle pull of the blue stone, Sharon headed toward the path to the nearby village. As she entered the woods, she turned one last time to view the large clearing where her grandparents’s home was. She still could not see anyone else. The necklace was pushing her toward the village, so that was where she would go.

As she walked the familiar path, Sharon recalled the times she had traveled it with her parents, other times she had gone with her grandparents, and finally when she had been considered old enough to go by herself. Just last year she had finally been allowed to take some of the younger ones with her.

She loved the quiet sounds in the woods, the chirp of the crickets, the buzz of the bees,

and the songs of the birds. Before she knew it, the trees thinned and the village lay before her.

Sharon looked out from the woods. She noticed that the animals were all in their fields or yards, but there were no people anywhere. As she walked down the main street, she saw that all the shops were still closed.

It’s too quiet,” she thought. “Where is everyone?”

The blue stone directed her through the village and toward a path in the woods directly across from where she had entered the village. She had never traveled this path before.





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