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Chapter 2 – Working With the Stone

By Rita
Sharon looked at the rough, unpolished blue stone.

How do I follow a stone?” she wondered. “It doesn’t move like a cat or a car. It doesn’t have instructions written on it like a note or a book.

She picked it up to taker a closer look. Her hand tingled as she touched the stone. The stone grew warmer as she held it in her hand.

Suddenly she heard her grandmother say, “Put the chain over your head!

Sharon looked around, expecting to see her grandmother. No one was there.

But I know I heard her voice,” thought Sharon. “Where is she?”

As she thought about what she’d heard, Sharon realized she had not heard her grandmother’s voice with her ears. She had heard them inside her head!

Oh, great,” she thought as she bent her head to slip the necklace chain over her head, “now I’m hearing voices in my head.”

Sharon finished putting the necklace over her head. To her surprise, it did not rest on her shirt. It stayed about an inch above her shirt and pointed to the back door.






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