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Jack and the Giant Boy . . . . . . (continued – page 2)

“Plant this one over away from the road,” he said. “Then, if you’re satisfied, you get the seeds and I get the goat. Just watch how much you water it – the more water it has, the longer it takes to stop growing. Deal?” 

Jack nodded, took the bean, and walked away to test the seed, pulling the goat along with him. He didn’t want the man to steal the goat if this was just a trick. He dug a small hole, pushing dirt aside with his hands. When he dropped the seed in, he covered it with the dirt from the hole. He poured some water on it from his water-bottle.

Immediately, the plant poked up through the dirt. In a minute, it was nearly as tall as Jack, and sprouting beans. It grew higher and bigger by the second. He knocked it down so that nobody would see it and wonder where such a large bean plant came from. He didn’t want anyone else buying those seeds.

He returned to the man in the big black coat and held out his hand for the seeds.

“I’m satisfied; what could I carry them in?” When the man handed him a bag full of seeds, Jack gave him the goat’s rope.


“Thank you, m’boy. Careful with those; they self-pollinate. I’ve got too many of those things back home. I’m ready for a new challenge. I want to experiment with goats, now.” 

Did you make the seeds so they would grow so big and fast? Jack wondered, but he didn’t say anything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Jack got home, he didn’t show the seeds to his mother. Not yet. He didn’t want her to get angry with his bargain before he had time to prove its value. First, he went inside the house and got the largest bowl he could find. Then he stopped by the well to fill a watering pail. He waved to his mother, who was taking care of the cow and the remaining goats.

“Jack,” she called, “it looks like one of the goats has run off again. Could you look for her?”

“She’s not lost,” he called back. “I know where she is. Could you and Sarah come here for a moment?”


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