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Jack and the Giant Boy . . . . . . (continued – page 7)

Alric was in the center of a toy wonderland. He loved playing with trains, but the ones here moved too quickly to keep up with. He settled for the cars and trucks that occasionally drove by. He inched along the road on his knees, a car or digger in each hand.These were much trickier than the wooden ones he had at home, because if he let one go it would speed away, and he wouldn’t be able to catch it again. 

This was disappointing the first time, but after that he sometimes let one go deliberately, just for the pleasure of watching the little toy drive itself away.Once, he grabbed a garbage truck and scooted it down the street. He held it down at each house so it wouldn’t zoom away, and tipped each tiny garbage can’s trash into it. He thought all the detail was amazing – each house had garbage cans, each trash can had lids, and the garbage was different in each can. If he listened carefully, with his head near the ground, he thought he could hear voices, as though the toys were real!

Later, he found a semi truck. He played with it for a while, but it was really heavy, so he left it for the cement mixer

nearby. He unloaded wet cement up and down the street, then played with the cement until it hardened.He was starting to get tired. It had been a long day in a strange new playground – one that seemed to go on forever. He walked into a crane twice his height. The crane seemed unhurt, and very nice, but he hurt his head on it and started to cry.

He wanted his parents, and his big soft stuffed bear, and his bed, and a big brownie next to a dish of ice cream for dessert. He wouldn’t even mind eating dinner first – he was just hungry!He sat down and howled, suddenly intensely miserable. Where were his parents? He couldn’t see the mountain anymore – where was home? Where was his bear?

As he looked up to take another deep breath, he saw two people in the distance. They were getting closer, and it looked like…. He stood, but was too tired to walk anymore. That was all right, though. His mother picked him up while his father apologized to the townspeople.


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