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Modern Myths – Creativity

By Carmen
Creae sat back, glaring at Cal.  Com glared, too.  Cal smiled, undisturbed by the hostility.  One wouldn’t make a proper god of pranks without a thick skin.  A god of tricks too timid to use them?  He would become an Unknown, forgotten by the world in weeks.

Creae finally dismissed the younger god.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to imprison the lad – any cell he occupied would never be fit to hold another prisoner – but he was at his wits ends for reining the prankster in.  Com fastened her glare on Creae.

“You’re just letting him go?  After that?

Creae sighed.  After an eternity of ruling over the gods and bestowing inspiration upon mankind, he wondered if he should have a better form of leadership.  Perhaps I should… he thought to himself.  I’ve meant to devise a better way for eons.  After I finish working on those poetic techniques… and educational systems…. He grimaced.  He enjoyed his work, but it never seemed to end.  For every one idea he worked with, he thought of three more.

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