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Modern Mythology – Internet

By Carmen
The computer was named after Com.  She appreciated the gesture, but frequently complained to Creae that, as a device for communication, the computer was useless.  Though at first she was right, mortal technology eventually caught up with her ideas of a computer’s uses.  With not a little prodding from Creae, man developed greater uses of the computer than previously imagined.

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Some decades after Kosmos, god of science, introduced the idea for

computers to mankind, Com’s daughter Imal grew to maturity.  Like her mother, Imal was well-versed in the knowledge of communication.  She became fond of her cousin, Cal, though her mother warned her to stay away from that particular god.

Cal showed Imal great kindness.  He knew that, as an offshoot of the goddess of communication’s power, she would make a powerful ally.

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