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Modern Myths – Trickery

By Carmen

Cal, god of practical jokes, felt unsatisfied.  His plan for the ultimate prank was taking too long to complete.  He asked Imal, goddess of the Internet, to deliver a message to Landis, god of conflict.

Landis obliged Cal by starting a war.

However, being an untidy god, Landis soon lost the note Cal had sent him.  The note was soon found by Writ, who brought it before Creae.

Even then, none of the gods realized the extent of Cal’s plans.  He wasn’t

tired of pranks, not by far, but he was ready for a change.  He had been for centuries.  Poor young Astro had nearly been victim to his plans.  The fewer mature gods there were, though, the fewer he would have to contend with when he took over.

He was looking over a list of possible new names when Com came for him.

“Creae wishes to see you.”  She folded her arms while she waited, frowning.

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