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Modern Myths – War

By Carmen
Landis was grateful to Cal – Kyros, now. It had been many long years since he’d excited mortals to a true war, and he enjoyed the excitement of battle. Many things had changed over the years, of course – the battles grew much larger and faster than mere millennia ago. He had Com to thank for that, of course – with communication lines operating better than ever, countries could create alliances and learn of offences faster than ever.

Gone were the days of swords, as well.

He missed those times, now and then. Gunfights, grenades, and bombs – they worked well, but they weren’t nearly so fun to watch. They made the battles go much faster – but what the battles lacked in time, they made up for in scale.

Com appeared at the door, and Landis sighed. Com kept trying to convince him to end the war. She hated the way fighting made people unwilling to talk to each other.

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