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By Carmen

It was a dark and stormy night.

It always is, isn’t it – right when you least want it.  I know it was dark because – well – it was night; and I know it was stormy because it was raining.  I hate getting wet, and I hated hiding in the dark, and there you have it: it was a dark and stormy night.

I fidgeted, then sneezed.

“Shh!” someone hissed.  Probably Glen.  His kind made a distinct hissing noise.

Memo to myself, I thought.  Hiding under bed with dust allergies – bad idea.  Not that I would need a ‘Minder – I wouldn’t forget this in a hurry.  My eyes watered; I had to wipe the moisture off two of them.

The allergies would wear off in a few hours.  I should have known better than to provoke Bernice before a scare.  I couldn’t even remember what I’d been so upset about.  That was one of his strengths.  I shook my head, disturbing more dust than ever.  Then

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