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Modern Myths – Space Exploration

Astro sat down with relief.  The son of the science god was but a child yet, though he grew swiftly.  Kosmos, his father, looked to Creae angrily.

“It is no bad thing, Father-mine, for mankind to wish to explore the stars above them.”

“It can become a bad thing, child-mine, if Cal continues to involve himself.”

“Why does he involve himself?  Have you no way to control him?”


Creae looked away.  He’d intended to flesh out a solution for Cal’s heedless ways, but the plans he discussed with Com for the telephone were so fascinating that he couldn’t think of anything else.  That’s the trouble with creativity, he thought crossly.  I can solve any problem, just so long as I’m not thinking about something else.

Astro listened fearfully as the grown gods discuss the implications of Cal’s interest in mankind’s space efforts.  His cousin had always been kind to him.

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