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Modern Myths – Space Exploration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3

“Greetings, cousin,” he said, looking up.

“Cal.”  Astro nodded.

“There’s a cold greeting, cousin.  Have I offended you somehow?”

Astro met Cal’s gaze.  “My father thinks you wish me to become Unknown.”

“Nonsense, child.  I wish you no ill.”

“I would have the truth.  Why else do


you oppose man’s investigation of space?  Are the stars so terrible?”

“No; I but worry for man.  I wonder if they are ready for such power.”  Astro heard a false note sound in his cousin’s voice.  He looked away sharply.“You lie.  Father was right about you.”  He backed away.  Cal took a step forward.

“Come no closer.”  Astro said.  He took a deep breath and backed away yet another step.

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