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Chapter 8 — An Unexpected Ally

By Rita
Sharon knelt down by the teardrop-shaped stones. They all looked alike.

She picked up two stones and tried to put them together. Nothing happened. She arranged them all in a circle with the points in. Still nothing happened.

Why won’t the stones click together?” she wondered.

A small rustle in the leaves ahead on the path made her look up. Coming toward her was a very familiar tabby cat – her grandparents’ cat.

“Pussy,” she exclaimed, “where did you come from? Did you come to help me?”

The cat strolled up to her, looked closely at her, and then batted the necklace chain that was hanging around her neck.

The chain,” thought Sharon, “the first stone already had the chain attached to it.

She looked at the small metal piece hanging from the chain. It was the right size to slip onto the large end of a teardrop-shaped stone.

She took the chain from around her neck and leaned over the circle of teardrops. The cat walked around the circle of stones. Then it sat down and stared at one of the stones intently.

“Pussy,” laughed Sharon, “are you trying to tell me that the stone you are staring at is the one I need to attach to the chain? Alright, I’ll do it!”



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