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Chapter Nine: Facing the Enemy

By Carmen
“Where is everyone being kept, anyway?” you ask Anne as she begins walking down the hallway, away from the staircase.”The stone led you correctly; they are down here,” she replied.

She leads you down the hall and through a series of twisting corridors. You come to an area that looks like a dead-end. Every few minutes you look behind yourself and see the griffin and leowing bounding soundlessly behind you. Even though they are now so much smaller than you, they are able to keep up without much effort.

The three of you pause, waiting, as Anne walks confidently up to the wall.

“I want to see the Earth prisoners,” she says. She turns to face you, then says, “My people have a simple way of storing prisoners. We open this wall and send them through the opening; when we raise the wall in place again, it locks the prisoners where they are in time. Whatever length of time it takes to investigate crimes or information, when called up again, the prisoner feels as though no time has passed.””Do prisoners age during the imprisonment?”

She smiles. “I have no idea. Prisoners are usually few and far between; those that are captured aren’t left for enough time to check.”



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