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Chapter Three — A Strange Companion

By Evan

I would have waited to say something for later, but something happened now that was strange.

About halfway to Zeliga, I was trying to communicate again with the stone.  And it worked all too well.  A ghostly young girl came out. Here is what she said:

“I am the great orb of prophesy.  I will warn you, to succeed you will need to get many things before hand.  You will need the second of the four great orbs, also known as the great orb

of souls. You’ll also need as many regular orbs of power as you can get.

“Second, you will need to befriend some companions which you will meet.  Do not make enemies unnecessarily.

“Lastly, get both the sword of light, and the sword of darkness.  I will watch over and advise you when you need.  But for now, so long!”

And she went back into the stone, which was apparently the great orb.







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